Schubertkino Graz - 27/28 Septemper 2019
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Freitag 27.09.2019 / Innovation / 13:30 - 15:30


Five men from Darfur walk towards the Holot detention center in Southern Israel after receiving an official letter requiring their admission into the facility. Upon arrival they discover they missed their chance of entering the area, since the gates have already been closed for the night and will open again only in the morning. They decide to make a small camp outside and wait near the fence. Abam is the most worried among them, especially since his sister Miriam has not contacted him for a few days and he is fearing the worst. When the darkness of the night surrounds them, the landscapes of the desert and the sky become mirrors of their soul, accompanying them on a spiritual journey in search for answers.


Titel: A Night with no Dawn

Regie: Sara Bozakov 

Land: Israel

Sprache: Tama, Arabic / Untertitel: Englisch

Länge: 21:15 Minuten